Mitchell Trubisky, halftime show stealing Thanksgiving headlines

Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are participating in an NFL game this Thanksgiving, but playing would be too strong a word for this.

Mitchell Trubisky ran. He had the first down. Then he ran sideways. Fourth down.

Brothers Osborne started their set for the halftime show. Then the power went out.

If those two lines of text are all you know, and all you will ever know about the Thanksgiving matchup with the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears, you’re all set. In fact, why are you watching this atrocity and/or reading this piece? It’s Thanksgiving.


At this point, it’s hard not to feel for Trubisky. The former No. 2 overall pick looks mentally beaten down after a season’s worth of criticism and poor play. The Bears aren’t very good around him offensively, and the issues have been compounded by Trubisky being unwilling to push the ball down the field. For the season, he’s averaging less than six yards per attempt. On Thanksgiving, Trubisky has thrown the ball 24 times for 146 yards in the first half (6.1 YPA).

Meanwhile, the halftime show is always underwhelming on Thanksgiving. It feels like the league is always trying to outsmart itself. Why not let a local college band get out there and give us some good old-fashioned entertainment? Nobody is going to bemoan watching a college band.

Nope, instead we gets Brothers Osborne, and the damn power goes out at Ford Field. The set has to start over, and all 200 people who were herded until the field had to jump up and down while filming with their phones for an extra 30 seconds. Yikes.

Alright, enough of the nonsense. Go back to your turkey. And you family. Good luck.

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