NFL Power Rankings

NFL power rankings, Week 4: Bears rise, Steelers sink

The Chicago Bears are beginning to look like a dangerous team on both sides of the ball, while the Pittsburgh Steelers are lost in all phases.


Arizona Cardinals 0-4

Last week: L, 20-17 vs. SEA
Last rank: 32nd

The last winless team deserves the last spot.


Buffalo Bills 1-3

Last week: L, 22-0 at GB
Last rank: 30th

The Bills appear to be the Bills again after that shutout loss.


New York Jets 1-3

Last week: L, 31-12 at JAX
Last rank: 29th

The Jets need to see more from the defense, let alone Sam Darnold.


San Francisco 49ers 1-3

Last week: L, 29-27 at LAC
Last rank: 26th

The 49ers played really hard against the Chargers, but came up just short.


Cleveland Browns 1-2-1

Last week: L, 45-42 (OT) at OAK
Last rank: 28th

Baker Mayfield looks good despite his turnovers, but the defense can’t allow 45 points.


Oakland Raiders 1-3

Last week: W, 45-42 (OT) vs. CLE
Last rank: 31st

Oakland finally won, but it was helped by four turnovers and a horrific non-fumble call.


Indianapolis Colts 1-3

Last week: L, 37-34 (OT) vs. HOU
Last rank: 25th

Indianapolis has to be thrilled with Andrew Luck, and appalled by everyone else.


New York Giants 1-3

Last week: L, 33-18 vs. NO
Last rank: 22nd

The Giants need a new quarterback. Badly.


Detroit Lions 1-3

Last week: L, 26-24 at DAL
Last rank: 21st

Detroit couldn’t stop Ezekiel Elliott, and it finds itself buried at 1-3.


Houston Texans 1-3

Last week: W, 37-34 (OT) at IND
Last rank: 27th

Should the Texans make the playoffs, they should thank Frank Reich.


Denver Broncos 2-2

Last week: L, 27-23 vs. KC
Last rank: 20th

That’s a brutal, BRUTAL loss.


Dallas Cowboys 2-2

Last week: W, 26-24 vs. DET
Last rank: 24th

Dak Prescott finally threw for more than 200 yards, and the Cowboys won a thriller.


Seattle Seahawks 2-2

Last week: W, 20-17 at AZ
Last rank: 23rd

Seattle won on Sunday, but they lost Earl Thomas and Will Dissly. Not good.


Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2-1

Last week: L, 26-14 v. BAL
Last rank: 13th

Pittsburgh needs to leave the drama behind for a week and play a competent game.


Miami Dolphins 3-1

Last week: L, 38-7 at NE
Last rank: 16th

Oh dear God, what was that?


Atlanta Falcons 1-3

Last week: L, 37-36 vs. CIN
Last rank: 10th

The Falcons and Steelers might combine for 100 points this weekend.


Washington Redskins 2-1

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 19th

The Redskins are winning the NFC East going into October. Good job by them.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2

Last week: L, 48-10 at CHI
Last rank: 9th

Welp, FitzMagic is over.


Los Angeles Chargers 2-2

Last week: W, 29-27 vs. SF
Last rank: 14th

Los Angeles won, but man, it’s never easy.


Cincinnati Bengals 3-1

Last week: W, 37-36 at ATL
Last rank: 18th

The Bengals are legitimately explosive, and the defense should be better than what we saw on Sunday.


Chicago Bears 3-1

Last week: W, 16-14 at AZ
Last rank: 17th

If Mitchell Trubisky plays anything like that on a regular basis, look out.


Minnesota Vikings 1-2-1

Last week: L, 38-31 at LAR
Last rank: 7th

Going to Philadelphia this weekend, the Vikings are at a crossroads.


Baltimore Ravens 3-1

Last week: W, 26-14 at PIT
Last rank: 15th

If Baltimore can keep scoring at a respectable place, it’s going to win a fair share of games.


Philadelphia Eagles 2-2

Last week: L, 23-20 (OT) at TEN
Last rank: 3rd

The Eagles have been getting the benefit of the doubt, but no more. Time to start playing a solid 60 minutes.


Tennessee Titans 3-1

Last week: W, 23-20 (OT) vs. PHI
Last rank: 12th

Tennessee is quietly playing very good defense under Mike Vrabel.


Carolina Panthers 2-1

Last week: BYE
Last rank: 8th

Carolina is in good shape off the bye week, and now hosts the Giants.


New England Patriots 2-2

Last week: W, 38-7 vs. MIA
Last rank: 11th

The Patriots are, and always have been, the favorites in the AFC East.


Green Bay Packers 2-1-1

Last week: W, 22-0 vs. BUF
Last rank: 6th

Green Bay won, but the Packers need to figure out their offensive problems.


Jacksonville Jaguars 3-1

Last week: W, 31-12 vs. NYJ
Last rank: 5th

The Jaguars are almost unbeatable when Blake Bortles doesn’t crater.


New Orleans Saints 3-1

Last week: W, 33-18 at NYG
Last rank: 4th

New Orleans found its stride over the past two games, and it looks dangerous as hell.


Kansas City Chiefs 4-0

Last week: W, 27-23 at DEN
Last rank: 2nd

Patrick Mahomes is going to rule this league for a long time.


Los Angeles Rams 4-0

Last week: W, 38-31 vs. MIN
Last rank: 1st

Without question, the best team in football.

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