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Josh Rosen embracing leadership role with Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen is ready to embrace being a leader and is fully confident in the team’s future.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen has always played with a confidence and swagger. From St. John Bosco high school where he was a national champion to UCLA where he was the nation’s top recruit and dubbed “Chosen Rosen” to the NFL where he plays with a chip on his shoulder after he was the fourth quarterback taken in the 2018 NFL Draft.

That confidence hasn’t waned despite a rocky beginning to his NFL career where he’s 3-8 in 11 starts on a Cardinals team sitting at 3-10.

“Losing games is definitely the worst part,” Rosen said matter of factly. “I think we’ve got a good core group of guys. I think we’ll be just fine moving forward.”

Being a leader as a 21-year-old rookie quarterback comes with inherent challenges, but Rosen credits the veterans in the locker room and the entire organization for believing in him just as much as he believes in himself.

“I had all the support in the world from the vets in the locker room to the front office, coaches, everything, so I was helped along and encouraged along the way. I think it’s really cool when someone trades up to get you. There’s an overwhelming amount of support in the facility.”

Having a veteran and future Hall of Famer like Larry Fitzgerald has been invaluable for Rosen to get adjusted and comfortable in the NFL. The NFL is littered with a long line of first round picks who played for bad teams and it torpedoed their chance of future success.

Rosen knows he won’t be the next to fall victim to that and believes the Cardinals are going to get this fixed and start winning more games.

“In the coming years, we’re going to be giving back a lot more wins than we have in the recent past, Rosen said without a hint of doubt.”

It’s not an arrogance that Rosen carries himself with. It’s an unflinching confidence that allows him to step into a leadership role as a rookie. He’s been prepped for this moment since he was a teen and starring at one of the nation’s most elite football programs. He’s been in the spotlight since he got his driver’s license.

Losing won’t turn that off. It’ll only fuel him to work harder and demand his teammates work just as hard as he is to get this right.

With Rosen under center, returning to the postseason in the next few years shouldn’t be a mirage for the fans in the desert.

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