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Carolina Panthers free agency 2019: Top 5 targets

The Panthers front office knows Cam Newton’s prime is starting to tick away. That’s why they need to make big moves in free agency this offseason.

If Cam Newton isn’t healthy for the Panthers in 2019, it doesn’t matter what moves the front office makes this offseason. Instead, Marty Hurney must operate as if his franchise quarterback will enjoy a healthy campaign. That means Carolina needs to be very active on the free agency market.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the Panthers need to spend a fortune on established veterans. Sometimes, the best moves in free agency are the ones no one talks about when the season begins. Look for Hurney to do a healthy mix of big game hunting and bargain shopping.

In terms of roster needs, it’s obvious the Panthers must get better in the trenches. Reinforcements are needed on both the offensive and defensive lines. Given that many NFL games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage, it’s imperative that Carolina get better at the point of attack.

Read on to learn about five players the Panthers should be targeting once the free agency bonanza begins. Hurney has a lot of work to do this offseason, but targeting these five guys would check a lot of boxes for his team.

5. Ja’Waun James

Daryl Williams was a Pro Bowl right tackle back in 2017, but injuries really limited his effectiveness last season. Combine that with the fact that Williams is due to hit unrestricted free agency this offseason and it’s clear the right tackle position will require some attention from the Panthers.

James hasn’t been great during his time with the Dolphins, but at the very least, he’s a solid starter on the right side. He also has the size that Carolina likes to employ out on the edge. His ability to be a quality pass and run blocker will be attractive to the Panthers.

The gamble here is that James’ play has been hampered by all the dysfunction down in Miami. If that’s true, the Panthers might score a big bargain by scooping him up in free agency.

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