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Antonio Brown to the Bills has Twitter going crazy

After nine years in Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown is going to be a Buffalo Bill. And everyone on Twitter is scratching their heads.

The Antonio Brown saga has officially come to an end.

After months of deliberation, the Pittsburgh Steelers are nearing a deal with the Buffalo Bills to send the four-time All-Pro receiver to Western New York, Ian Rapoport tweeted Thursday night. Pittsburgh’s return is still unknown.

The Steelers had made it known that they wanted to ship Brown out of town by Friday. They met their goal, and now have a better idea of what the roster looks like heading into free agency.

As it always does, the Twitter-verse is offering up all kinds of takes on the deal. The general consensus response is to just laugh. Like seriously, Buffalo?

Of course, there are graphic designers who give us an immediate look at what AB will look like in Bills blue.

However, Brown himself is already giving folks pause and making some question the legitimacy of the report. When the NFL’s official Instagram posted about the news, Brown made an interesting remark in the comments section.

So is AB actually on his way to Buffalo? This should make for an interesting week leading up to the official beginning of free agency next Wednesday.

The Steelers had previously announced that they wanted to trade Brown to an NFC team so they wouldn’t have to face him as often down the road. The Bills are not an NFC team, but maybe Pittsburgh was running out of time and options.

Brown had made it known that he wanted to be traded to a contending team. The Bills are not a contending team. Again, Pittsburgh held the cards and clearly wasn’t concerned about his feelings.

So once everyone is done laughing about the idea of Brown essentially being shipped off to irrelevancy, one question remains.

What is going on?

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