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Analyzing all 32 NFL teams after free agency signings

Money was flying all around the NFL on Monday as the window for free agents to agree to contracts kicked off. Plenty of the moves will impact the NFL Draft in a big way.

Welcome to the 2019 new league year NFL fans. The start of free agency is an exciting time around the league. In 2019 we’ve seen some fat contracts handed out and it has been less than 24 hours. It is clear that the NFL, with plenty of money to spend, wastes on time in getting to the point.

Now the contracts that are mentioned in this article are currently “agreed upon” and not official. While that tiny piece of language may seem insignificant, it means a lot. The official NFL league year does not start until Wednesday. While these players are likely to honor their commitments announced, there is a possibility of the deal still falling through, though that is unlikely. Look at the Anthony Barr situation in Minnesota. He verbally agreed to join the Jets on Monday to only back out of the deal on Tuesday. 

It is easy to look at these contracts and see how they effect the team on the field, there is another place where free agency takes a toll; the NFL Draft. With free agency taking place before the draft teams are able to fill in holes on their roster thus limiting the chances they target a certain position in the draft.

There has been less than two full days for NFL teams to sign players. Keeping that in mind, here is how the initial wave of free agency could impact the NFL Draft. The teams are listed based on the draft order. Some teams have not made any impact signings but still appear on the list.

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