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NFL Draft 2019: 5 teams most likely to trade in first round

A shallow class of impact rookies creates ripe conditions for movement – the five teams most likely to trade from their current position in the NFL Draft.

We all know there will be movement in the first round of this month’s NFL Draft. Until then, we’ll be left to speculate as to who will move, will they go up or down, who will make the boldest move, whose move will pay the most dividends, etc.

But, we also all know that some teams are more likely than others to take a chance. Let’s look at the teams most likely to be sliding up, or down, the draft board this spring.

New York Jets

The Jets are in the enviable position of not needing to go after a franchise quarterback, despite the fact that they are drafting in the top three. However, despite this, they are in the market for…nearly every other position on the roster.

So what do they do? The Jets should be looking to turn five picks into seven or eight. There will be interest from a team that gets antsy for a quarterback to move up if Kyler Murray goes No. 1. With Nick Bosa almost certain to go the San Francisco 49ers at No. 2, the Jets hold plenty of cards for a franchise trying to get ahead of, say, the Oakland Raiders.

In any case – the Jets should reap the rewards. The team should plan to trade down, take the highest offer, and obtain some additional picks (they currently have no second-round pick), to target their biggest needs: defensive line, offensive line, defensive backs, etc.

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