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Bucky Brooks thinks Kyler Murray could be better than Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is entering his third year in the league and is already an MVP. One analyst thinks that there’s a quarterback in this draft that could be better than him, though.

Bucky Brooks has a very, very high opinion of Kyler Murray.

In fact, the NFL Network analyst thinks that Murray can be better than Mahomes. No that’s not a typo, and yes you read that correctly. According to Brooks, all other quarterbacks that Kliff Kingsbury has coached included Case Keenum, Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel and Mahomes can’t match what Murray brings to the table.

In 2017, the Kansas City Chiefs traded up from 27th overall to the No. 10 spot to draft Mahomes. That decision paid big dividends after trading Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins. In 2018, Mahomes had an MVP campaign in 2018 that included 5,097 passing yards and 50 touchdowns.

Apparently, Murray can be even better than that, despite being fully committed to playing baseball only a few months ago.

There’s been a ton of talk of Murray going first overall to Kingsbury and the Arizona Cardinals, and he would be another great addition to the list of quarterbacks Kingsbury has coached.

Still, even Mahomes’ girlfriend thinks that Brooks might be reaching a bit much on this take.

Brook’s comments are pretty strong considering Murray was primed to play baseball for the Oakland A’s less than a year ago. Never mind the fact that Mahomes put together one of the greatest season ever.

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We know Murray can run around and make plays with his legs, and he can kill you from the pocket as well. He’s a play maker, but so is Mahomes, but there hasn’t been any talk about Murray pulling off no-look throws or having one of the strongest arms in league history.

Murray could be a really good quarterback under the tutelage of Kingsbury. If there’s two things he knows it’s offense and quarterbacks, but let’s pump the brakes on the blindingly hot takes.

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