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Denver Broncos take Drew Lock to replace Joe Flacco

The Denver Broncos traded for Joe Flacco right before NFL Free Agency began, but after taking Drew Lock in the NFL Draft.

With the 42nd pick in the NFL Draft, John Elway went and took another big-arm, big-bodied quarterback. Many analysts had Drew Lock going to multiple teams in the first round, but after the New York Giants threw everyone off by taking Daniel Jones with the sixth-overall pick, Lock seemed to get lost in the shuffle.

Lock threw for close to 3,500 yards this season with the Missouri TIgers with 28 touchdowns and eight interceptions. This is an extremely athletic kid. Lock has the ability to handle pressure and still get the ball where it needs to go every time. This looks like a potentially great pick for the Broncos.

Now the question is, will this be a pick for the future or a pick for the present? The Broncos seemingly got their quarterback of the upcoming season when they traded a fifth-round pick to the Baltimore Ravens for Joe Flacco. However, we know what Flacco is. Average at best.

Flacco was usurped last season by then rookie Lamar Jackson, who took over after he got injured. When Flacco returned from injury, his services were no longer needed. Now, the veteran is in a similar situation, with a guy who has more skills than he does on paper.

Flacco will likely be overrated when we look at his career. He’s only had two season with a QBR over 60, and hasn’t done that since 2014. He made his name with his arm strength, and age is starting to take that away from him.

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It’s nice to see that Elway wasn’t putting all his eggs in the Flacco basket. He traded up to get Lock before other teams had the chance to. The Flacco deal was questionable when it happened, but this Lock pick shows at least Elway seems to have a plan at the quarterback position. Lock could be the player to start the season under center Week 1, but it’s more likely we’ll wait for Flacco to play himself out of the position.

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