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Fantasy Football: 3 reasons to avoid Le’Veon Bell in 2019

Despite the hype surrounding Le’Veon Bell’s return to the field in 2019, he should be avoided in fantasy football drafts.

The last time Le’Veon Bell played, he finished the 2017 season with a ridiculous 345 PPR points, second among skill position players to Todd Gurley. He ran the ball for nearly 1,300 yards and also had 85 receptions for 655 yards. It was one of the best fantasy performances in history for a running back.

It came on the heels of another season for the ages in 2016. During that season he put up 319 PPR points in three fewer contests, due to being suspended the first three games of the season. Coming into the 2018 season, Bell was universally recognized as one of the best running backs in the NFL, and a must-have for fantasy football.

In the end, he was the opposite of a must-have in 2018, since he chose to sit out for the entire season due to frustration with his contract situation.

So here we find ourselves during this off-season leading up to the 2019 season, with Bell now a New York Jet and with his fantasy dominance beginning to fade from our minds.

Many will dig up the highlights, and pound the table for this player who was one of the best in the league for 3.5 seasons. They will remind everyone that this player is great, and state with confidence that he will return to form. He played and was great, then he didn’t play, and now he will play and be great again.

However, there are three primary reasons why I will not be touching him in any of my drafts this season. Let’s dive in.

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