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Barclay and 5 really good boys and girls in the sports world

Barclay, the Golden Retriever from the St. Louis Blues is just one of the adorable dog mascots in sports. However, all dog mascots are good boys and girls.

Dogs, pups, puppers, pooches. No matter what you call these furry little four-legged friends, everyone loves dogs. Dogs are known as mans best friend not only because they are loyal, but because they can turn even the most un-emotional person into a pile of mush.

Sports teams typically have some type of animal as their mascot. Throughout all leagues in the United States (and the 4 teams in Canada), quite a few teams feature a canine mascot. Recently, Barclay, the mascot for the St. Louis Blues, went viral for playing around on the ice, but he isn’t the only puppy in the business.

Read below about Barclay and 5 really good boys and girls in sports.

Barclay, St. Louis Blues

Barclay became a viral sensation after videos circulated on Twitter of him chasing around a puck on the ice. Originally adopted by the Blues to be trained as a service dog, this Golden Retriever has captured the hearts of millions of sports fans, and he recently became a Stanley Cup Champion.

This puppy is so cute he even picked up a sponsorship with Purina. 12/10 would boop on the snout.

Uga, University of Georgia

Uga, very cleverly named after the abbreviation for the University of Georgia is most likely the most well known of all dog mascots. This English Bulldog is part of a long lineage of bulldogs that have been the mascot since 1956.

Uga X helped the Bulldogs win an SEC Championship and a Rose Bowl since he became the mascot in 2015. Now, that’s a good boy.

Reveille, Texas A&M

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the goodest girl of them all? Well, it is no other than Reveille, the collie that represents Texas A&M. The first Reveille was adopted during the second world war, and she quickly worked her way up the ranks in the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets.

Reveille is actually the highest ranking member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. 12/10 would depend on her for protection.

Jack the Bulldog, Georgetown

Jack the Bulldog is a well-known dog in the sports world. He spends his days being adorable, as well as riding skateboards and tiny cars.

Jack the Bulldog can be found on the sidelines of Georgetown basketball games, though he is yet to play a minute. Still a really good boy though.

Blue III AKA Trip, Butler

Blue is named after the color blue, which happens to be one of the colors of Butler University. Blue III is beloved in the sports world, and he has earned it. According to the University of Butler, his favorite activities are attending basketball games, hanging out with his human brothers, and taking a bath.

He is also very active on Twitter. Here is one of the many gems he has composed:

Swagger, Cleveland Browns

Odell Beckman Jr. and Baker Mayfield are not the only ones who bring the swag to Cleveland. Swagger is a Bullmastiff dog that loves to root for the Browns. She also loves to chew on Terrible Towels to show the Steelers who is boss…100% she is the boss.

Swagger recently brought her new puppies in for bring your kids to work day:

Of course, these are not all the good boys and girls in sports, there are many more out there barking for the home team.

No matter what team the adorable little doggies root for, we are all rooting for them. Here is to all the dogs out there in the world, we hope you all get plenty of belly rubs and treats.

If you need to keep reading about dogs, we got you covered. Head over to Dog of the Day!

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