Holy Cheesehead, is Brett Favre actually coming out of retirement?

Brett Favre posted on his Instagram account that he’s coming out of retirement in 2020 —  but it’s not true

A true champion sticks to his or her calling. But he or she should probably protect their Instagram passwords instead.

Green Bay Packers legend Favre — or someone posing as Favre — posted on the Hall of Famer’s Instagram account that the quarterback would return in 2020.

This is the best thing that can happen on a slow news day. The post was taken down about a half-hour after it caught fire, but that didn’t stop people from believing it. Favre obviously isn’t coming out of retirement, and the mere mention of him doing so should be considered a federal crime.

We did this song and dance with Favre twice and there will not be a third.

It shouldn’t have to be explained why Favre coming out of retirement to play in the NFL is an impossible idea. But the notion that he’d come out and get into coaching isn’t so wild, which is dialogue this little instance of hacking could generate. He’s done the High School Football circuit already and there wouldn’t be hard to believe a team trying to groom a young quarterback would want a legend like Favre in the room.

Then again, Favre and imparting knowledge onto young quarterbacks didn’t go over so well the one time he was presented with such an opportunity.

Of course, to even think about this that deeply is to believe that this is even remotely true — which is certainly isn’t. There will be no Rudy moment for Favre where he hobbles out of the tunnel to thunderous applause as he tries to save a team’s season.

Favre was able to dodge defenders throughout his illustrious career, but even he can’t outrun the trolls.

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