Twitter has turned Brett Farve’s ‘comeback’ into a meme

So Brett Farve is planning a comeback? NFL Twitter has come up with some pretty has good ideas of what that “comeback” will look like.

Brett Farve took to Instagram to announce his 55th comeback attempt in 2020.

OK, so it’s his fourth (officially), but one has to wonder what in God’s good name has made him believe that he could play in today’s NFL? Farve is a Hall of Fame quarterback, no doubt about that. However, he’ll be 51 by the time of his planned “comeback,” and who really wants to see a 22-year-old linebacker break Farve’s back in a preseason game?

The answer? All of us.

Thank God for NFL Twitter, who have come up with some interesting scenarios as to how a Farve comeback would play out. Here’s the best from that bunch.

In response to this:

(I have to agree, a 90-year-old Brett Farve would be 50-times better than a 25-year-old Nathan Peterman.)

(Yep, your body starts to really change once you hit the Big 50. I’m normally a believer in “age is nothing but a number,” but I also believe that there is a limit to that rule. Farve is trying to break it, literally.)

(It would have been much cooler if Brett Farve trending could have gotten you out of that meeting, Andy.)

So, after all of the hoopla about Farve coming out of retirement, we get this:

Really? Should we believe this?

I mean, there is a good possibility that Farve’s Instagram account could have been hacked. However, all this tweet did was disappoint us to no end:

Seriously, I’m bummed now. If Farve was really planning on coming out of retirement, I would have broken out my Wrangler jeans.

Not anymore.

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