Josh Allen’s talent, Tyreek Hill’s situation, tacos, hot dogs and more

We get wild this week in Verderame’s Verdicts, talking about Josh Allen, Tyreek Hill, penguins having knees and tacos compared to hot dogs.

I’d like to see the NFL develop a minor league system, much in the same way the NBA has the G-League.

There’s this assumption that any player who can play gets drafted, or is found as a UDFA. Maybe some guys bloom a year later or simply need to find the right coach. This year, we saw the American Alliance of Football formed, and look how many guys are getting chances based off their play in that short-lived endeavor. Many it won’t produce a litany of stars, but it certainly gives more players a chance at a career in pro football, and it enhances competition for making rosters.

The NFL should invest in a separate league that focuses on development, with each of the 32 teams having a minor-league club. This would also give 32 additional cities a chance to watch high-level football and feel more of a connection to the game.

No, you aren’t crazy. There are some problems, though.

Allen has a huge arm and by all accounts, is a tough, hard-working student of the game. The main issue I have with his performance is accuracy. I spoke at length with Bills GM Brandon Beane about Allen in May, and Beane acknowledged it being a problem. Beane also pointed out, though, that Allen’s low completion rate has a bevy of factors. I’d encourage you to read the piece.

If Allen is going to be a top-tier quarterback, he needs to complete more passes and cut down on the interceptions. Of course, we’re talking about a kid entering his second year after playing at Wyoming, and then joining a team with no receiving threats. All of this is why I do believe Allen cna mature far beyond what we saw in 2018.

I’ve never seen this question asked before, and it’s a fascinating one.

After thinking for a while, I believe fans and media would simply wring their collective hands even more over losing a talented player. They wouldn’t understand the cap, and it would be considered complete insanity to let a serious contributor hit free agency.

There’s also the brief thought that players wouldn’t have so much scrutiny because people wouldn’t know their huge salaries. However, fans and media would end up seeing athletes buying huge mansions and driving incredibly pricey cars. The notion of pro athletes being the Average Joe would slide by the wayside in a hurry.

If Tyreek Hill is suspended for four or fewer games, put me down for 13. Possibly 14.

Both are large numbers, but look at the schedule. The Chiefs play the AFC South, NFC North, Baltimore Ravens at home and New England Patriots on the road. They’ll be favored in at least 13 games, with the possible exceptions being against the Patriots, their neutral-site affair with the Los Angeles Chargers, and a Week 16 visit to Chicago. Beyond that, Kansas City will almost certainly be favored provided good health.

There’s also two other things to consider … the defense can’t be worse. The unit is now coached by Steve Spagnuolo, not Bob Sutton. The personnel is also much better. Kansas City shouldn’t be a sieve anymore.

Additionally, go back to 2018. The Chiefs lost to Jared Goff, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Philip Rivers. Which teams on the schedule are both playoff-caliber and have top 10 quarterbacks? The answer is Indianapolis, Los Angeles (twice) and New England. Maybe Green Bay and Houston.

Even if you include both the Packers and Texans, that’s six games. Four of them are at home, and the “road” game against the Chargers is in Mexico. Put me down for at least a split in those contests.

It’s slightly above-average until proven otherwise.

The San Francisco 49ers have a couple of intriguing back sin Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida, but I’m not sure either keeps opposing defensive coordinators awake at night. McKinnon is coming off the torn ACL and Breida, who filled in capably, ran for 814 yards on 5.3 yards per carry. However, with only 153 carries (and three 100-yard games) it’s hard to say if his sample size is enough to declare anything definitive.

More than anything, San Francisco needs Jimmy Garoppolo to be healthy. It’s an incredibly obvious statement, but if Garoppolo is under center, the 49ers may compete for a playoff spot. Without him, any other questions about the team are academic.

Joe Montana.

In full disclosure, I’ve interviewed Len Dawson at length before. Wonderful man. That said, I’ve gotten to speak with him, so that’s checked off.

While Patrick Mahomes is a generational talent, Montana is the greatest of all time. He’s also the first “hero” I had growing up. In 1993, I was five years old. Montana was starting for the Kansas City Chiefs. My father, a diehard Chiefs fan, introduced me to the game. I was immediately drawn to the greatness of Montana.

In short, if I had a chance to sit down and grab a meal with Montana, that’s happening.

Google says yes! Apparently, the knee is hidden for these flightless birds, who knew?

By the way, penguins are awesome. Easily my favorite animal. They look cool. They hang out in the cool. They waddle in a way that displays supreme confidence. Just a champion.

This question sparked a debate within the FanSided office. People had to be separated.

My official stance? Tacos are different than hot dogs at a fundamental level. The hotdog can be dressed up with a few condiments, but it’s a hot dog. Can’t get to crazy. Tacos can have a litany of different

Dave knows I’m a New Jersey Devils fan. This is in the wheelhouse.

Jack Hughes is going to be throwing on the black and red sweater come Saturday afternoon, and I’m going to be beaming. Between him and Nico Hischier, the Devils are set down the middle for 15 years.

Now, how many Hart Trophies? I’ll say one. In truth, the answer should probably be zero because it’s so hard to win. Yet, I’m a Devils fan. One, baby.

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