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3 reasons why the New York Jets are playoff bound

As the 2019 NFL season approaches, the New York Jets seem like a trendy pick to contend for the playoffs. Can they do it this year?

When the New York Jets took Sam Darnold with the third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, an entire new era had officially begun for the organization. Although the Jets weren’t able to make the playoffs last season, and ended with an abysmal 4-12 record, there is a new sense of hope surrounding the Jets as they begin their new season.

With new head coach Adam Gase leading the charge, Jets’ fans can start feeling a little bit more optimistic as they head into the second season of the Sam Darnold era. Not only has Darnold matured and gained more experience, but the Jets also added many key players that could help take them to the next level this year.

Even though things have been extremely tough for the entire Jets organization over the past few years, things are on the rise for the Jets this season. With a new coach leading their team, there’s plenty of reasons why the Jets could sneak into the playoffs.

3. New Coach, New Vision

After four seasons and no playoff appearances with Todd Bowles, the Jets finally fired him after last season ended.  It was a move that needed to be made if the Jets were going to take a step in the right direction. However, not many people thought the Jets would end hiring Adam Gase.

Gase, who had just wrapped up his third season in Miami was coming off a divorce with the Dolphins organization. After leading the Dolphins to the playoffs in his first season as head coach in 2016, Gase struggled in his final two years going 6-10 and 7-9. Even though Adam Gase was supposed to be a quarterback guru, he never could fix an oft-injured Ryan Tannehill.

But putting that all aside, Gase can work in New York. He proved in his first season that he can take an underwhelming team to the playoffs. Just because he didn’t turn Tannehill into a great quarterback doesn’t mean he can’t help Sam Darnold. If Gase really allows his star players to flourish like Le’Veon Bell, Jamal Adams, and C.J. Mosley, the Jets could be a real contender this year. Miami was never really a good situation for Gase, and maybe New York is where Gase will really flourish into a solid head coach.

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