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Dak Prescott’s reported stance isn’t as wild as believed

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott haven’t come to terms on an extension. Now, word is leaking of an outrageous ask. Be wary of the noise.

Dak Prescott is asking for $40 million per year? Insanity.

So the reaction goes on social media and soon everywhere else. This over NFL Network reporter Jane Slater reporting Prescott declining an offer of $30 million per year with hopes of a 25 percent bump. In reality, Prescott might be doing the wise thing.

To address the reported ask, the first question is motivation. As in, who has motivation to leak those numbers? The clear answer is the Dallas Cowboys, who want Prescott to look unreasonable. Is it possible Prescott is asking for $40 million annually? Sure, but NFL contracts are always about guarantees and structure. Any good agent starts high and works down. This isn’t any different.

Dallas offering $30 million per year was never getting the deal done. While Prescott isn’t a top 10 quarterback, he has two division titles and a playoff win to his name. he’s also never missed a start and is 25 years old. He’s going to want more than Carson Wentz received from the Philadelphia Eagles this spring, and he’s right to feel that way.

Wentz earned a four-year, $128 million extension which kicks in come 2021. Simple math means $32 million per season. Russell Wilson, a more accomplished and better quarterback than either of the aforementioned, signed for $140 million over four seasons ($35 million per year) in April. Prescott should come in between those deals both in guarantees and overall annual value.

While every radio host and Twitter personality on earth will be bloviating about Prescott’s reported ask, the reality is in between the lines and behind the scenes. Dallas wants its quarterback to lower his asking price, while Prescott and his representation want to see a sweetened pot. Eventually, common ground is almost sure to be found.

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