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Andrew Luck booed off the field amid retirement (Video)

Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement is as shocking news as the sports world has ever seen, and the Indianapolis Colts fans are livid with their former star,

The whole city of Indianapolis is in a state of shock right now with the stunning that news that star quarterback Andrew Luck is retiring while in the prime of his career.

It is safe to say that Colts fans are not at all happy with seeing their star quarterback leaving them while in the prime of his career, and they wasted no time letting him know their displeasure by booing him off the field mere minutes after the announcement.

Luck, 29, is giving the football world the biggest shock of a retirement since Barry Sanders walked away from the Detroit Lions prior to the 1999 season.

To boo Luck for walking away is unseemly, albeit understandable in the moment. The Colts seemed poised to go on a Super Bowl run, certainly among the AFC elites with the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs. Now, with all due respect to Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis has little chance of fighting for a championship in 2019.

For the fans, it has to be understood Luck’s body simply wasn’t allowing him a path forward. Since 2012, Luck has been one of the league’s best when healthy, a borderline Hall of Fame player if he only played a bit longer.

It’s going to be a massive challenge for Indianapolis to overcome, especially early in the season. The Colts face the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1 before taking on the Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders and Chiefs in their first five games.

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