Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, NFL Playoffs

Bills-Texans was The Last Jedi of playoff football games

We all just wanted it to be over as fast as possible.

It was so bad and showed no end in sight. It was a test of endurance that left some of the strongest and most ardent fans feeling beaten by the end of it.

I’m talking about the Houston Texans and Buffalo Bills giving us the complete opposite of an instant classic of a playoff game. But I very well could have been talking about Star Wars: The Last Jedi too.

They are one in the same.

They were 3.5 hours of our life that we’ll never get back and we’re not entirely sure of what we saw during that trip other than it didn’t make a lot of sense, some are extremely angry they subjected their eyes to this and others are making a compromise because of their die-hard fandom.

The Last Jedi is not a great movie on its own and the Bills-Texans game was not a great game. Both were forgettable experiences we will feel great shame if we were to share our experiences from our viewing.

Everyone has their own horror story.

I’ll never forget where I was when Josh Allen lateraled to literally no one.

Or when Allen lost about 40 yards on back-to-back plays with the game in the balance.

Who could forget the pointless challenges from Bill O’Brien or the mind-numbing bad coaching decisions from Sean McDermott, like going for it on 4th and 27 instead of trying a game-tying field goal, granted from 60 yards, or punting and pinning the Bills deep?

In the end, Watson made the plays the superhero makes in the end to win the game. 22-19, and lead the good guys past the bad guys. He isn’t exactly Luke Skywalker but for one game, Watson was the best part about an otherwise shoddy production.

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