Booger McFarland really said the Cowboys could be better with Andy Dalton

Booger McFarland dropped a hot take trying to argue the Cowboys are better off with Andy Dalton than Dak Prescott

There were certainly a lot of things going through the minds of Cowboys fans when Dak Prescott went down injured on Sunday.

No one thought to themselves as Andy Dalton took the field, “This is a good thing for the Cowboys.”

No one, except for Booger McFarland apparently.

That hot take is so scorching its a wonder how the Monday Night Football broadcast booth didn’t light on fire.

Are the Cowboys better off with Andy Dalton than Dak Prescott?

It’ll take a lot for Dalton to prove that assessment correct, especially this season.

Even if Dalton is a more accurate quarterback than Prescott, he doesn’t bring the same kind of dynamism as the QB he’s replacing. More than anything, Prescott’s mobility will be missed greatly when Dallas has already sent both starting tackles and their top center to IR.

The Cowboys will have a hard enough keeping their running attack going strong for the rest of this season. Make no mistake, Dalton will need Ezekiel Elliott and Co. to take the pressure off.

Remember, Elliott scored the touchdown to cap the drive just after Prescott’s injury. The Cowboys produced just two field goals with Dalton in the game. It was good enough to get the win, but not enough to suggest Dalton will be able to do more with the offense than Prescott could.

At 2-3, Dallas is already in a bit of a whole, but there are some winnable games coming up against the Cardinals, Washington and the Eagles.

For the time being, the Cowboys are reportedly bringing in Garrett Gilbert to fill the depth chart behind Dalton, but don’t expect any major McFarland hot takes on that one.

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