Los Angeles Chargers, New Orleans Saints

Saints forget to cover Mike Williams on Chargers’ go-ahead touchdown (Video)

Justin Herbert takes advantage of the New Orleans Saints’ lack of defensive awareness to score a go-ahead touchdown

The Week 5 edition of Monday Night Football in the year 2020 will forever be known as the “Justin Herbert Statement Game.” The Los Angeles Chargers rookie made his presence felt in the first half against the New Orleans Saints, but took a bit of a backseat to NFL veteran Drew Brees in the second act. But, Herbert waited for the right opportunity to really leave a mark in New Orleans, at the expense of New Orleans.

After Brees hit Jared Cook for the game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter, Herbert looked to put points on the board by any means necessary. But, Herbert noticed a lapse of coverage deep downfield, and he hit a wide open Mike Williams, who backpedaled into the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown. That’s not how you defense, Saints.

The Kid leaves his mark

That’s a big boy throw by Herbert, who wasn’t even supposed to start this early in the season! But due to a freak injury to Tyrod Taylor, the former Oregon Duck and sixth-overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft stepped into the spotlight, and he hasn’t disappointed.

On to the Saints, what on Earth happened pre-huddle. How do you leave a deep threat receiver like Williams downfield? That’s inexcusable!

Hey, Herbert won’t complain about it, because he just created a moment in a game that he’ll never forget.

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