Cam Newton claps back at young NFL fan for disrespectful smack talk (Video)

Cam Newton didn’t have time for a young fan’s shortsighted insult.

Newton is currently a free agent and awaiting a new home. That much is a fact. His recent struggles don’t account for his past accomplishments, however, and someone ought to pull this kid aside and explain that in clear detail.

Newton’s currently not employed, but the way this kid is coming at Cam is clearly meant as a sign of disrespect.

This is a former MVP we’re talking about! Sure, injuries have taken their toll, but let’s not forget how great Newton was at his peak. His run at Auburn and in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers will be respected for years to come. Hell, he should have his number retired in Carolina.

Have some class, folks.

Does Cam Newton have another run in him?

That’s the larger question at hand. Newton’s arm is a legitimate question mark at this point, as he hasn’t proven for quite some time that he can throw the ball consistently downfield. He used to have the downfield running ability and system fit to make up for some of those inefficiencies, but he also used to be a better passer in general.

Newton is still one hell of an athlete, but can he sustain a full season taking repeated hits from defenses that load the box against him? Until Cam can fix his mechanics and make teams respect his passing ability, he’ll be severely flawed.

It’s a sad fact that Newton’s best days might be behind him. Hopefully, Cam can find a new home and prove the pundits and this kid wrong in the near future.

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