Texans should incite bidding war for Deshaun Watson’s services

The Houston Texans need to come to terms now that Deshaun Watson is done playing for them.

When John McClain of the Houston Chronicle says it’s time for the Houston Texans to trade Deshaun Watson, it’s time for the Houston Texans to trade Deshaun Watson.

There is no man more connected with Houston football than McClain. He has covered the Texans since their inception. Before that, he covered the then-Houston Oilers. McClain knows a dead-end road when he sees one, which is exactly what the Texans’ relationship with the star quarterback has become. The Texans are left with no choice and must incite a bidding war for his services.

Several teams will be lining up to trade for Deshaun Watson this offseason

While not every team in the NFL will want to trade for Watson, you better believe at least a quarter of them would kick the tires on this standout quarterback. Teams who should be leaving voicemail after voicemail for new general manager Nick Caserio to maybe think about listening to include the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers.

It feels like the Texans believe they are playing a game of chicken with Watson, but the star quarterback, and the national media, are playing them for a fowl. Even if you have a top-five quarterback in the NFL, you are not going to win more than half of your games if the relationship with him in the building is so beyond acrimonious. Tension breeds dysfunction and creates chaos.

As much as Caserio, owner Cal McNair and top front-office executive Jack Easterby want to give new head coach David Culley his best shot at success, they must accept Watson is no longer the panacea for what ails them. Houston must look in the mirror, accept that they are the problem and do something about it. May the franchise quarterback go to the team with the best trade package.

If Watson is set on sitting out the 2021 season with Houston, then he has to be traded pronto.

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