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Terry Bradshaw confirms that viral Tom Brady story is real

As it turns out, Terry Bradshaw actually went under the alias ‘Thomas Brady’ back in the early 1980s and he awesomely confirmed things. 

Terry Bradshaw really never ceases to amaze. Whether he’s delivering hilarious comments on our television sets, or you’re enjoying some of his old clips from his playing days, the man just screams entertainment. Well, did you know that he and Tom Brady also have something pretty big in common?

As it turns out, Bradshaw used ‘Thomas Brady’ as an alias back in the 1980s when arriving to a hospital in Louisiana for elbow surgery. Bradshaw confirmed that amazing story in a recent interview with The Athletic.

Terry Bradshaw using Thomas Brady as an alias is nothing short of outstanding

“Tom Brady! How lucky am I?” Bradshaw told The Athletic’s Ed Bouchette. “There’s no question he and I are linked at the hip — same initials, same number. I had hair back then. I was a sex symbol. I had it all going then.”

As you can tell from Bradshaw’s quote above, he absolutely loves being linked to Brady in any way possible. The fact that he even tossed in sex symbol for everyone to enjoy really is something. Can you blame Bradshaw, though? Absolutely not.

Brady is on top of the world right now, especially after powering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory last month over the Kansas City Chiefs. With that victory, Brady now has seven Super Bowl rings and continues to solidify himself as the GOAT in the NFL.

Now, Brady is all set to return to Tampa Bay next season and he’s got hopes of bringing home Lombardi Trophy No. 8. Should he get that done, we can only imagine Bradshaw will lose his mind.

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