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Tom Brady trolls Colin Cowherd for bizarre Baker Mayfield take

Tom Brady comments on wild theory from Colin Cowherd.

Did Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield see a UFO? That may be a question that never is answered.

By now many people have heard of the bizarre stories surrounding the Browns gunslinger out in Texas. According to his eyes (and his wife’s), Mayfield saw what looked to be a UFO in our stratosphere.

Also, let’s be real, you knew that Colin Cowherd was going to make a comment on it.

The Fox Sports talkshow host dug into Mayfield’s take on seeing something from outer space. Naturally, he also took a jab at Baker, showing his disdain for the quarterback off the field.

Many players rallied to Mayfield’s support, but one stuck out stronger than most. Tom Brady couldn’t help but get in on the fun, telling Cowherd that if the GOAT saw the flying saucer, would he still have the same attitude?

Brady saves Mayfield from Cowherd’s trolling

Brady is a seven-time Super Bowl champion and three-time MVP. One could say if he saw the reincarnation of Vince Lombardi, maybe it would at least be believable.

This all goes back to Cowherd’s rocky relationship with Mayfield. When they were going through the draft process, Mayfield criticized Cowherd’s show and his takes on the young quarterback.

Since then, it has led to a long history of drama-filled takes. For the fans, it’s must-see television.

Earlier this season, as the Browns were prepping for a wild-card playoff game against the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers, Cowherd commented on Mayfield wearing his hat backwards, a trait he doesn’t like. Needless to say, the veteran broadcaster took the Steelers to win.

Lo and behold, Cleveland picked up their first playoff win in over 25 years with a a 48-37 victory over the Steelers on the road. To troll Cowherd, Mayfield turned his hat around in the postgame presser.

Brady getting involved is the icing on the cake of just a fantastic story.

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