NFL writer speculates Aaron Rodgers could retire to host Jeopardy! full-time

One national NFL writer came up with a wild take about how Aaron Rodgers could retire to host Jeopardy! on a full-time basis.

Aaron Rodgers was able to undertake the exciting task of serving as a Jeopardy! guest host. His episodes begin airing Monday and articles have dropped about his excitement in this new role.

Of course, this is a guest spot. But one prominent NFL writer has come up with a hot take for the ages. Mike Florio has pondered the question of whether Rodgers would opt for retirement if it meant hosting the game show on a full-time basis.

Yes, this is a real take.

Aaron Rodgers is not going to retire to take the Jeopardy! job

Florio seems to believe that Rodgers taking the guest spot means he wants to be in serious consideration for the full-time job. He also brings up the idea that if offered, Rodgers would have a tough time turning it down due to the job security and the fact this is a once-in-a-generation job opening.

“With Rodgers repeatedly making it clear that he has no interest in becoming an NFL analyst after his football career ends, the best path to big money post-playing would come from pouncing on an opportunity like Jeopardy, even if the timing isn’t entirely perfect,” Florio writes.

Florio also notes that he doesn’t use the “!” in Jeopardy! for whatever reason.

The Green Bay Packers drafted Rodgers’ replacement in 2020.  He proceeded to go out and win the NFL MVP Award. He isn’t going anywhere and is making plenty of money on his current contract.

Rodgers remains under contract through 2023 and his head cap value drops down to just over $17 million in 2022. That provides the Packers an expensive but potential out. Rodgers may prefer a trade, which the team should provide as an act of goodwill if they want to make the switch to Jordan Love.

But retiring this summer? That would be one of the biggest shockers in recent NFL history.

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