Bears propose a bizarre rule change 2 years in the making

The Chicago Bears have proposed a new rule change that will change how things shape out if teams are flagged on consecutive extra point tries. 

Every offseason, it seems like an NFL team fires up a new rules change proposal in hopes of making the league even better than it already is. For 2021, looks like the Chicago Bears are the ones ready to try and make something happen.

This week, Chicago has reached out to the NFL office and they’re trying to alter the way penalties are flagged following consecutive extra point attempts. Confused? Allow us to explain.

Chicago is trying to change how penalties are set following consecutive extra point tries

Basically what’s led to this is that the Bears and Broncos faced off in a showdown in 2019 and Denver scored a touchdown late to cut its deficit to 13-12. The Broncos were going to go for two and the win from the two-yard line, but then they got flagged for a delay of game. Moments later, Denver connected on the PAT, but Chicago was offsides. So, the ball went from the seven to the one-yard line, which made no sense. The ball should have gone back to the two, right?

Well in that game, Denver then went for two and took the late lead. Chicago is clearly still furious by this, which is why they’ve gone out and been proactive in making things different for how this kind of situation is handled moving forward. Despite the Bears pulling off a stunner and winning that game, it’s still fresh in their minds.

Looking ahead, it will be on the NFL to make the final decision and decide if the Bears will have made an impact here. Stay tuned.

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