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NFL strength of schedule rankings for every team: Steelers have toughest schedule, Eagles the softest

The NFL schedule is out and based on the strength of schedule, the Steelers face the toughest schedule while the Eagles have the easiest.

NFL fans who are longing for football are in for a treat on Wednesday, as the entire 2021 schedule is set to be revealed for all 32 teams. The entire slate of Week 1 games was revealed during breakfast time on Wednesday, with the remaining 17 weeks set to be announced in a primetime show. That means all fans will be looking at the strength of schedules for every squad entering the new campaign.

Based on the strength of schedule, the Pittsburgh Steelers will have the toughest schedule in the league, while the in-state rival Philadelphia Eagles will have the easiest slate of games in 2021. The entire strength of schedule rankings, via NFL Update, can be viewed below.

2021 NFL strength of schedule ranking

  1. Steelers (.574)
  2. Ravens (.563)
  3. Bears (.550)
  4. Packers (.542)
  5. Vikings (.531)
  6. Bengals (.529)
  7. Lions (.529)
  8. Raiders (.526)
  9. Browns (.518)
  10. Rams (.515)
  11. Chiefs (.511)
  12. Seahawks (.511)
  13. Titans (.507)
  14. Cardinals (.507)
  15. Washington (.504)
  16. Texans (.504)
  17. Chargers (.493)
  18. Jaguars (.491)
  19. 49ers (.489)
  20. Jets (.489)
  21. Patriots (.489)
  22. Saints (.483)
  23. Bills (.478)
  24. Colts (.478)
  25. Giants (.474)
  26. Panthers (.472)
  27. Broncos (.471)
  28. Dolphins (.471)
  29. Bucs (.465)
  30. Falcons (.454)
  31. Cowboys (.452)
  32. Eagles (.430)

Steelers fans are not going to like this news. The team is pushing for at least one more year with Ben Roethlisberger under center and the team did take a hit on the offensive line. This season, the Steelers will have to face off against teams like the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens (twice) and Cleveland Browns (twice).

Pittsburgh’s one last run to the Super Bowl with “Big Ben”will be a challenge in 2021.

The Eagles enter the 2021 season on the rebuild. Doug Pederson is out and Nick Sirianni is in at head coach for Philadelphia, while Jalen Hurts is slated to be the team’s new starting quarterback following the trade of Carson Wentz. With the team getting younger, the NFL is doing them a solid with their rather relaxed schedule of opponents.

In 2021, the Eagles are set to face teams like the Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys (twice), New York Giants (twice) and the Washington Football Team (twice).

After reading this, you are either confident in your team’s chances in 2021, or you are bracing yourselves for the worst possible outcome. Welcome to NFL fandom!

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