Chiefs trading for Julio Jones actually makes sense, and here’s why

Could the Kansas City Chiefs pull off a massive move and trade for Atlanta Falcons superstar Julio Jones? 

While most of the massive offseason news is out of the way, there still could be something else coming that would set off an explosion of celebrations all over Kansas City. We’re talking about a trade for Julio Jones? You bet we are.

Rumors have swirled that potential future Hall-of-Fame receiver Julio Jones could end up getting traded. If you’re Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach and No. 11 is in need of a new home, there’s no question the general manager needs to contact Atlanta. Here’s why a Jones trade makes total sense for both sides.

Julio Jones joining the Kansas City Chiefs would rock the NFL

“Look, making a move like this now for the Chiefs involves some risk, which could be felt a couple of years from now,” Arrowhead podcast co-host Patrick Allen said. “Would you trade the Chiefs winning one or two Super Bowls in the next two years for maybe a 2-4 year stretch where they are a little light on young guys and are in some tight salary cap situations? Maybe they have less flexibility to fix some of the new roster holes that are going to pop up down the line?

“After talking through it, I am on board. Let’s go for it. As long as the price isn’t astronomical, if the Chiefs can get it done with some second-rounders or something, do it. If it means giving up Mecole Hardman, who I like? Ship him to Atlanta. Win Super Bowls now and figure out the rest later. Mahomes is going to be here for a long time and as long as the Chiefs have him, they have a chance.”

It doesn’t seem so crazy, does it? For the Falcons, they could get a jumpstart on building toward the future by receiving an impressive haul from Kansas City. Meanwhile for the Chiefs, Jones could really make an impact on them winning multiple more Super Bowls in the coming years. While getting rid of first-round picks would hurt, bringing home the Lombardi Trophy is more than worth it.

Another thing to remember is that Kansas City has  $7,875,208 in cap space available for next season. After June 1, Jones will have a cap hit of $7 million. The numbers work to make this happen. Again, if Jones heads to the Chiefs, it will rock the rest of the NFL. Man, it’d be amazing to see happen.

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