Travis Kelce addresses Chiefs potentially trading for Julio Jones

Travis Kecle has some thoughts about the Kansas City Chiefs pulling off a Julio Jones trade. 

It’s been an offseason of pure drama throughout the NFL, and it’s only getting crazier. After Deshaun Watson lit the trade rumor fuse, the league has endured everyone from Aaron Rodgers to Russell Wilson either openly pondering or straight up demanding a trade to a new team.

Julio Jones has been floating around trade rumor conversations for the better part of a year, but things went supersonic when he told Shannon Sharpe that he was “done” in Atlanta.

Even before that it was beginning to look more and more like a trade out of Atlanta was going to happen. On Thursday morning it was reported that a deal could be done within a week and the list of potential landing spots has been circulating since last season’s trade deadline.

One team that keeps popping up in a not-so-serious but kind of serious manner is the Kansas City Chiefs. After getting pantsed in the Super Bowl by the Buccaneers, the Chiefs reloaded its offensive line and is gearing up for a revenge tour that will be akin to the last few minutes of that first episode of Invincible. 

Will Kansas City Chiefs trade for Julio Jones?

Travis Kelce knows how good the Chiefs offense already is, but isn’t shying away from the idea of adding a Pro Bowler like Jones to the mix. Kelce went on NFL Live and gave his two cents about Julio landing in Kansas City.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m intrigued,” Kelce told ESPN’s NFL Live. “My eyes are open. I’m peeking at the headlines, seeing where he goes. Listen, that’s a game-changer. When you talk about guys that can make plays anywhere on the field, full route tree no matter where you put him, that’s a guy that changes the game and changes teams, so I’m interested to see where lands.”

Kansas City could potentially pull off a trade for Jones, but it would require a ton of gymnastics. Atlanta wants a first-round pick for Jones and apparently has an offer that includes exactly that. Not only would the Chiefs have to match that, but they’d have to find room make a Jones deal work financially.

The Chiefs were in the market for a receiver this offseason, reportedly coming close to signing Juju Smith-Schuster before he decided to return to Pittsburgh for one more season. Patrick Mahomes adding Julio Jones to an already stacked offense is completely obscene but it would be must-watch football each week — and it’s entirely possible.

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