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Brandon Jacobs wants his NFL shot and says he’s better than Tim Tebow

Former New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs took to Twitter to call out Tim Tebow and claim he’s better fit for an NFL comeback. 

Back when Brandon Jacobs was making plays for the New York Giants, fans were quick to say he was basically a running back in a linebacker’s body. Jacobs would truck over would-be tacklers often thanks to his incredible 6-foot-4, 265-pound frame.

Well, it looks like Jacobs is ready to give defense a shot after all. That’s because the retired Giant took to Twitter to say he wants to give defensive end a try. At the same time, he made it quite clear he can provide a team with much more than what Tim Tebow can.

Brandon Jacobs won Twitter on Thursday by calling out Tim Tebow

Jacobs sure seems serious about this NFL comeback. He’s got the size to play defensive end, there’s no denying that. What will really hurt him here is that he’s been out of the league since 2013 and he’s also 38 years old, turning 39 this July.

If anything, Jacobs should be enjoying his time on the golf course like your normal retired player in his late 30s. However, he’s still got the fire in his belly to put on the pads and hurt some people. Will someone actually give him a shot at defensive end? Who knows.

But hey, if Tebow was given a call by Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars, maybe Jacobs can get lucky here and at least get a shot at training camp to prove his worth. In his nine NFL seasons, Jacobs rushed for more than 5,000 yards and 60 touchdowns. He doesn’t have any defensive experience, but that doesn’t matter to him. He’ll keep working out and wait for his phone to ring.

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