Rasheed Wallace went on ESPN decked out in Chiefs gear, and here’s why

People were perplexed why former NBA star Rasheed Wallace was decked out in Kansas City Chiefs gear on Thursday’s installment of The Jump.

In case anybody forgot where his NFL allegiances lie, former NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace showed up on Thursday’s episode of The Jump wearing a ton of Kansas City Chiefs gear.

One would think that a Philadelphia native would be a big fan of The Birds, but that’s not the case. He may have played his college ball at North Carolina and the bulk of his NBA career with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Detroit Pistons, but don’t you even dare call Wallace a bandwagon Chiefs fan. Apparently, he has been a fan of the team since Joe Montana came to town in 1993.

Wallace may support his hometown’s MLB and NHL franchise, but it is Chiefs over Eagles all day for him. Who would have thunk it?

Why was Rasheed Wallace wearing Chiefs gear on ESPN?

What you have to remember is during Wallace’s youth in Philadelphia, the Eagles were a lot of Randall Cunningham at quarterback, Buddy Ryan calling blitz and not too many playoff wins to show for it. He may have been too young to remember the Ron Jaworski, Dick Vermeil Super Bowl team from 1980. It is a shame that Reggie White never did it for him the way “Joe Cool” did in K.C.

After Montana retired from the NFL in 1994, the Chiefs went into nearly a quarter century of mediocre quarterback play. While guys like Trent Green and Alex Smith were good and guys like Rich Gannon had their moments, everything changed once Patrick Mahomes took over the reins of the offense in 2018. All those years of suffering swiftly went away once it was Mahomes’ turn.

Wallace does support the Flyers and Phillies, but he is ride or die with his Chiefs and not The Birds.

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