Cole Beasley doubles down on COVID-19 vaccination stance in statement

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley released a statement on his COVID-19 vaccination stance after a recent Twitter rant put him in hot water with fans.

Beasley revealed he hasn’t been vaccinated which, while his right, is not a good thing for the general population. Per the Center of Disease Control, the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, and frankly any information which goes against that stance is rather dangerous, especially as we try to distance ourselves from a deadly pandemic.

In a statement released on social media, Beasley made his stance clear. While he didn’t necessarily tell others to follow him, he stated his choice not to get the vaccine. He’s willing to deal with the consequences.

The main issue with Beasley’s stance is that COVID-19 does not merely impact him. Until enough of us are vaccinated, the potential for spread at major sporting events remains high. This puts Beasley’s teammates, and any Bills fans at home games this season, at risk.

Beasley’s statement is littered with false information. Primarily, eating healthy and drinking water is fairly meaningless in terms of trying not to contract a deadly virus.

Buffalo Bills: Cole Beasley releases statement on vaccine stance

Beasley’s opinion is dangerous in this manner. While it’s his choice to do what he pleases, by making his views public it could potentially sway others to do the same, and put their communities at risk. Beasley is a professional athlete with fans in the NFL community.

The Bills wideout seems to think that by taking responsibility for his own actions, he’s in the clear. However, COVID-19 isn’t just a personal choice. His actions can impact others.

Beasley could potentially spread the disease within his own locker room, or to fans in the stands come the start of the NFL season.

Getting vaccinated is Beasley’s choice to make, absolutely. It’s a choice for all of us. But Beasley doesn’t seem to be taking any precaution against the spread of COVID-19 in what remains of this pandemic. In fact, he is advertising that fact.

His inability to understand what’s wrong with his actions is unfortunate.

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