Bears fans will love what Allen Robinson said about Justin Fields

Quarterback Justin Fields is already earning the respect from his Chicago Bears’ teammates, including wide receiver Allen Robinson.

For the Chicago Bears, there’s a different feeling around the practice grounds of Halas Hall these days. It comes in the form of No.11 overall pick Justin Fields. Aside from the fans, the future of the franchise has everyone excited including Fields’ newest teammate, Allen Robinson.

Robinson took to Instagram live and shared his thoughts on what he’s seen from Darnell Mooney and Fields during the team’s offseason workouts.

Coming into his second season in the NFL, Mooney seems poised for a breakout season. Despite the 2020-21 offensive disaster for the Bears, Mooney still managed to haul in 61 receptions with just one drop, totaling 631 yards and four touchdowns. With more consistency at the quarterback position, Mooney is definitely due to “ball out”.

It’s safe to assume Fields is going to do everything in his power to earn the starting quarterback job before the start of the regular season. Bears head coach Matt Nagy has already made it clear that veteran Andy Dalton will get the nod, but that’s not going to stop Fields.

Bears quarterback Justin Fields is doing everything right so far

It should be a great sign to Nagy and his coaching staff to see Fields who already has a professional work ethic. Combine that with execution on the field from now through training camp and they’ll be hard-pressed to keep on the bench for long. Sure, there’s the adage of keeping a rookie on the sidelines to have him learn more before throwing him in the fire, but that doesn’t mean they need to stick to it.

Maybe that’s more beneficial, maybe not. It’s not fair to assume every rookie quarterback needs that type of development. He’s going to have to learn on the field at some point, and if Fields proves to run the offense better than Dalton throughout camp, there’s no reason to stick to that narrative. At the end of the day, the Bears need to decide who gives them the best opportunities to win games, regardless if it steers away from their current plan.

They can’t afford to baby Fields during his development either. That’s the trap the team fell into with Mitchell Trubisky, and we all saw how that turned out.

Just from how he’s carried himself, along with everything he’s said and done in his preparations thus far, fans have every reason to feel confident in this pick. It won’t be easy to carry the burden of being a quarterback in Chicago, but Fields looks like the real deal.

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