Mike Ditka reveals his thoughts on Chicago Bears possibly leaving Soldier Field

Mike Ditka gives his thoughts on the Chicago Bears potential move to Arlington Heights.

When asked where he preferred to play or coach when Mike Ditka was a member of the Chicago Bears there was no hesitation.

“Wrigley, because I was playing. Less criticism,” Ditka told Da Windy City podcast. 

Ditka began his career at Wrigley Field in 1961 drafted 5th overall in the first round and was part of the Bears 1963 championship team catching 59 passes, including three in their 14-10 win over Y.A. Title and the New York Giants at Wrigley Field.

Ditka left the Bears after the 1966 season for Philadelphia. The Bears left Wrigley after the 1970 season and began playing at Soldier Field where Ditka returned as head coach in 1982.

Mike Ditka believes the Bears belong in Chicago

The Bears are now at least exploring leaving Soldier Field and Chicago for Arlington Heights, Illinois. Soldier Field is a sentimental place for many including Ditka, but it seems like Da Coach is ready to move on like many Bears fans.

“I believe the Bears belong at Soldier Field, but if they move to Arlington Heights I understand it,” Ditka said. “It would be an economic move, it would be move that is best for the club and I don’t see any problem with that. I think the Bears have served their time in Chicago. They’ve done a great job playing at Soldier Field. It would be okay with me.”

The move to Arlington Heights will not happen for awhile if it ever does. The Bears lease at Soldier Field does not expire until 2033. It may take some Bears fans at least that long to come to grips with the iconic franchise leaving Chicago’s Lakefront for the Western Suburbs.

And yes, it’s true, it may make more economic sense. The parking assuredly will better. Tailgating could go to another level with more fans having access. The concourse might be wider. There might even be a retractable roof and a Super Bowl along with a Final Four.

So what! It will still hurt passing a strip mall on your way to a noon kickoff for many diehards including this one.

Ditka may have to be there to offer some perspective if the day ever comes.

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