Should the Eagles trade for Deshaun Watson right now?

The Philadelphia Eagles remain uncertain at quarterback with Jalen Hurts. Is it time for them to go trade for Deshaun Watson?

After a loss to the Raiders, Philadelphia may be wondering if a change at quarterback is needed.

Jalen Hurts ended the game with 236 yards and two touchdowns, but that respectable stat line doesn’t tell the true story. He struggled in the first three quarters and padded his stats in garbage time.

The Eagles are 2-5 and while Hurts is far from the only problem, production at quarterback could be much better.

Philadelphia could look to the bench with Joe Flacco. He might be something different, but he’s not exactly the replacement to move the needle.

It’s no surprise then that some may be tempted to look towards Houston, where Deshaun Watson sits on the trade block.

Should the Eagles trade for Deshaun Watson?

The simple answer is, they can’t.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Watson already rejected the idea of a move to Philadelphia. Since he has a no-trade clause, there’s nothing the Texans could do to trade him there if they wanted to.

That’s not the end of the world. Watson would be an upgrade on Hurts on the field, but he brings so much baggage with him it would be a huge gamble. While he may not be on the commissioner’s exempt list now, he could end up there eventually.

The better option is to persist with Hurts this season and save those trade assets for some other move. There will be quarterbacks available via the draft or free agency if it becomes plainly clear that Hurts doesn’t have a future in Philly.

Besides, the Eagles have bigger fish to fry. Watson or a highly-drafted rookie quarterback would still need better run support and defense in order to succeed in Philadelphia.

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