3 teams Russell Wilson should force a trade to, despite recent report

The Seattle Seahawks may not want to trade Russell Wilson, but the superstar quarterback may have other plans.

Even if the Seattle Seahawks are reportedly down with trading Russell Wilson, their star quarterback could conceivably force a trade out of town to play the final third of his NFL career somewhere else.

Wilson is on the wrong side of 30 and the Seahawks are coming off their worst year since he went to them in the third round out of Wisconsin by way of North Carolina State nearly a decade ago. The Seahawks roster has seen better days and an inevitable rebuild is surely coming. If Seattle wants to get out ahead of this, trading Wilson might be their best option at hitting the rest button.

If Wilson takes control of his future, these are the three teams he should try to force a trade to.

Russell Wilson: 3 teams he could try to force a trade to during this offseason


New York Giants

NFC East

Russell Wilson and Brian Daboll can return the New York Giants to greatness

With Brian Daboll becoming the next head coach of the New York Giants, he can try to salvage whatever he can out of Daniel Jones or go get himself a perennial Pro Bowler to run his offense. New York has multiple first-round picks. The Giants have a terrible offensive line, but Wilson dealt with that for years in Seattle. Wilson can make the weapons around him into national superstars.


Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC North

Russell Wilson may be the perfect long-term replacement for Ben Roethlisberger

Though Yinzers may want nothing more than the Pittsburgh Steelers to draft hometown hero Kenny Pickett to replace Ben Roethlisberger, Wilson is a proven commodity. Pittsburgh may not be a massive media market, but it is a top-three brand in the NFL. If Wilson leads the Steelers back to the Super Bowl, there is no telling what it will do for his legacy. It is a bit of a pipe dream, though.


Philadelphia Eagles

NFC East

Russell Wilson could lead the Philadelphia Eagles back to the Super Bowl

It may not be the bright lights of New York City, but Wilson can win the fastest right now with the Philadelphia Eagles. This was a playoff team a year ago. While it remains to be seen how good a head coach Nick Sirianni is, at least he is an offensive mind. Not only that, but the Eagles have the necessary draft capital to deal for a player like Wilson without blowing up their current core.

Seattle may be dead-set on keeping Wilson around, but this is a star-driven league going forward.

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