Mina Kimes dunks on Jeff Garcia and sexist NFL fans after Jimmy G’s meltdown

Mina Kimes got the last laugh in the feud with Jeff Garcia after Jimmy Garoppolo imploded at the end of the 49ers loss to the Rams.

The days leading up to the NFC Championship Game between the Rams and 49ers included a controversy involving Mina Kimes and former San Francisco quarterback Jeff Garcia.

Garcia took offense to comments Kimes made about Jimmy Garoppolo and his contributions to the 49ers playoff run. His social media post about the ESPN analyst sparked discussion about sexism in sports because he belittled Kimes’ understanding of the game based on her lack of playing experience.

On Sunday, Garoppolo proved that Kimes had it right. He threw an interception to seal the loss and completed just two of his final 10 passes as the game swung in favor of the Rams.

It was precisely the kind of performance that Kimes and others have criticized as proof that he’s not a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback. Garoppolo is who she said he was.

Mina Kimes chose the perfect gif to dunk on Jeff Garcia

When the time came, Kimes chose an emoji to express her feelings on Twitter.

Fans were all about Kimes getting the last laugh.

Kimes may have had her moment of “told ya so” but she’s also not a full-blown Garoppolo hater. She proved that with her next series of tweets discussing the quarterback’s future.

That’s how a pro transitions from a winking-nodding “I was right” gif to actual football talk. Maybe Garcia can learn something from her about handling things the right way.

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