Josh McDaniels had epic first words meeting Raiders owner Mark Davis

The Raiders and Patriots have a torrid history but new Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels certainly endeared himself quickly to owner Mark Davis.

There probably isn’t a Raiders fan in the world who isn’t painfully aware of the “Tuck Rule Game”. You know, the one where Charles Woodson stripped Tom Brady in a snowy Divisional Round playoff game against the Patriots but the refs then brought about the Tuck Rule, saying that the New England quarterback was tucking the ball in. Thus, it was ruled an incomplete pass, allowing the Patriots to go on to win the game and advance.

Fast-forward to January 2022 and the Raiders are now hiring Josh McDaniels, who was in his first year on the Patriots’ coaching staff in 2001 when that infamous moment transpired, to be their next head coach.

But instead of creating immediate bad blood, McDaniels’ first meeting with Raiders owner Mark Davis began with an epic statement that will immediately win over fans of the silver and black: “It was a fumble.”

Raiders: Josh McDaniels opened meeting with Mark Davis saying ‘It was a fumble’

Talk about getting fans to fall in love with you quickly.

McDaniels, of course, has been a head coach in the AFC West previously, spending two seasons in that role for the Broncos in what most consider to be a failed tenure in Denver.

With that said, he has since spent more time under Bill Belichick in New England and, at least by his own words, has learned a lot about what went wrong with the Broncos. That should at least be a positive for Raiders fans to consider in addition to the brilliant offensive mind he posseses.

If nothing else, though, his first interaction with Mark Davis should be enough to buy him some goodwill with fans right off the bat.

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