Browns call Hue Jackson a liar in defiant statement

Former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson alleged the franchise paid him to lose games but now the team has responded quite strongly and defiantly.

In the wake of Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL, Giants, Dolphins and Broncos — specifically the part of the lawsuit that alleges that Miami owner Stephen Ross offered the then-head coach $100,000 per loss — former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson had allegations of his own against his former employer.

Jackson said on Tuesday that Cleveland owner Jimmy Haslem also offered him payment to lose games during his tenure with the franchise. If true, this would be shocking and abhorrent business practices from Haslem and Ross.

For the Browns’ part, though, the organization isn’t standing by and letting Jackson just make these claims. They released a statement, as put on Twitter by Charles Robinson of Yahoo, defiantly denying what the former head coach said.

Browns strongly deny Hue Jackson’s allegations he was offered payment to lose

On one hand, of course the Browns are going to deny this and, in typical fashion with this organization, they are going to do so strongly since, you know, the people denying it are the ones that would be in the wrong if Jackson were telling the truth.

Having said that, the now back-and-forth between Jackson and the Browns should certainly open up a separate investigation from the Flores allegations as well. It’s one thing to have a bad roster and lose games. But it’s entirely different for a front office to legitimately pay a head coach (or attempt to do so) to lose.

With the NFL’s emerging relationship with betting markets, that’s entirely unacceptable. As such, we’ll have to keep our collective ear to the ground about what more comes of the Browns and Jackson’s claims against them beyond their outward denial that this happened.

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