Dan Quinn explains ‘unfinished business’ forced him to stay with Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is fired up to try and help the team get back to the Super Bowl. 

For a while now, folks in Dallas had assumed that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was going to be leaving Arlington for a head coaching job. While Quinn had multiple interviews, he’s now all set to return to Mike McCarthy’s staff next season.

It has come as a bit of a surprise, but the Dallas fanbase sure is happy he’s not going anywhere. For Quinn, he made it clear he’s got some ‘unfinished business’ with the Cowboys and he wants to help this team reach its potential.

Dan Quinn is thrilled to be back with the Cowboys

“I have unfinished business here,” Quinn said via NFL.com. “We have the right people in place to accomplish the things everyone in this building is working to accomplish. We’re doing that right now. We’re doing it today — grinding toward a goal.”

That goal is of course to try and win the team’s first Super Bowl since 1996. Dallas had high expectations for the 2021 campaign, winning the NFC East. However, the team blew it going up against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Wild Card Round.

You can’t blame Quinn’s defense for the Dallas struggles at times this year, however, as the offense was tough to watch. Folks were hoping Dak Prescott would live up to his monster four-year extension, but the opposite was the case in the playoffs.

Now, it’s back to the drawing board for McCarthy and Co. There’s still a chance Kellen Moore could be leaving as offensive coordinator too. With that said, McCarthy doesn’t have to worry about Quinn bolting town. Nope, the DC is ready to rock and is already thinking about next fall.

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