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Jerry Jones responds to bombshell Brian Flores lawsuit

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes the NFL “can do better” after hearing the news of the monumental lawsuit involving Brian Flores and the NFL.

Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL is already monumental in the football world and it’s dominating headlines in the NFL. This lawsuit is something that has captivated the attention of pretty much anyone who even remotely keeps up with football to any degree and it’s something that could certainly be very consequential for the future of the NFL and certain franchises.

While there have been some who have been dismissive or defensive when discussing this lawsuit, it appears as if Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is open to fully examining the matters that Flores wants to see addressed.

According to Jones, the NFL “can do better” and “the league and coaches are trying to improve.” As Jori Epstein of USA Today reports, Jones believes the NFL still has room for improvement.

“I can see it’s an area, one of many, that we can do better,” Jones said to Epstein. “The area has some good attention. This is obvious if you look through that that the league and coaches are trying to improve there.”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones responds to news of Brian Flores’ lawsuit

Jones also discussed the Rooney Rule with Epstein, mentioning it in relation to Flores and the complaint Flores brought up.

“I think the fact that it’s an issue shows not only the league’s willingness to address and do better,” Jones told Epstein. “I think the fact that it’s being discussed as to how the Rooney Rule or what drives the Rooney Rule could be better. In the case of coach Flores’ complaint, he’s saying it could be better and the processes create positive result for the league.”

Epstein mentions that Jones didn’t exactly have specific suggestions on alterations that could be made to NFL policies.

That said, it sure looks like Jones believes something needs to be done. With Jones and his contemporaries paying attention to the matter, there’s no doubt that Flores’ lawsuit is going to be a significant talking point for the foreseeable future.

For more information on Flores’ lawsuit, click here. 

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