NFL let Alvin Kamara play in Pro Bowl despite being suspect in battery case

The NFL reportedly allowed New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara to play in the Pro Bowl despite knowing he was a suspect on felony battery charges.

The NFL is in hot water again, this time for allowing New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara to play in the Pro Bowl knowing full well he was a suspect in an ongoing investigation.

Kamara was arrested immediately after the Pro Bowl Sunday evening by the Las Vegas Police Department on felony battery charges. He allegedly got into a fight with a man in an elevator on Saturday, resulting in Kamara breaking an orbital bone in a man’s face and then proceeding to kick him while he was down. Yet somehow, someway, the NFL thought it was okay for him to still play.

For a league that gets a bad rap for the violent nature some of its players demonstrate off the field, once again, this is a terrible look for the shield.

NFL allowed Saints RB Alvin Kamara to still play in the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is a glorified exhibition, an All-Star game if you will. While Kamara is arguably the best player on the Saints roster, it is still mind-boggling that the NFL was cool with letting him play in a meaningless game. He may not have been an active threat to anyone, but this is 100 percent about the NFL going CYA mode, trying to get a grasp on this story before the news leaked.

Had Kamara not been allowed to play in this game, everybody would have been asking where the Saints’ star running back was. Though the NFL has been in Las Vegas for two years now, it is abundantly clear that some if its players cannot handle being in a city with so many distractions and vices. Kamara’s legal situation is an on-going one, one that could carry on for several weeks.

What a difficult and awkward spot to be put in if you are new Saints head coach Dennis Allen…

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