Browns’ Nick Chubb squats a bar-bending amount of weight

Nick Chubb squats all of Cedartown during his latest trip to the gym. Do you even lift, bruh?

Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb is more human than human, as he squats an absolutely absurd 675 pounds as the undeniable Pride of Cedartown.

The man, the myth, the legend took essentially the weight of two interior linemen, put him on his back and squatted them into oblivion. Chubb has been carrying the name of Cedartown for years, but he quite literally put his entire hometown on his back when he was lifting at his alma mater. If there was ever a year for this damn good Dawg to rush for over 2,000 yards, 2022 sound perfect.

May all the sinew inside of your body not collapse in an awestruck manner after seeing Chubb lift.

Nick Chubb squats all of Cedartown to prove to everyone he is not human

There are few athletes as beloved as Chubb is these days. His workman mentality made him a favorite in the SEC at Georgia and has transitioned marvelously to the NFL side of things in Cleveland. He might play on the same Browns team with another elite physical specimen in defensive end Myles Garrett, but nobody crushes more plates at the squat rack than Chubb.

It might only be early May, but Browns fans simply cannot wait for head coach Kevin Stefanski to call a power sweep for Chubb to run behind the gator-carrying man beast that is Wyatt Teller en route to most glorious pay dirt. Can you even begin to imagine if Vince Lombardi got his hands on this dynamic duo in his legendary Green Bay Packers offense? They would win every single game!

With Jerome Ford joining the wolfpack alongside Chubb and Kareem Hunt, Stefanski is so going to let the Big Dawg eat. Brickma is not going to be able to contain himself in his Wrigley Field cage. No amount of hot ice will be able to magically heal all of the AFC North linebackers Chubb bulldozes through like Herschel Walker did to a poor Tennessee Volunteer as only a freshman.

This is what the other side feels like for Browns owner and noted Tennessee alum Jimmy Haslam.

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