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Patriots are bringing back an all-time retro NFL look (Video)

The New England Patriots are hopping in the Delorean and heading back to 1985, a time when the team sported their iconic cherry red throwback uniforms. 

There’s a lot the New England Patriots probably want to leave in their pre-Millennium past, like the constant mockery of their reputation and their 1985 and 1996 Super Bowl appearances, which both ended in tragic losses.

But if the Pats could turn back time, it would be for a singular reason: to score those classic cherry red uniforms they sported back in the day before a 1993 overhaul changed their jersey colors.

The Patriots revealed that finally, they found a way, dialing back the clock all the way to 1985.  Fan-favored Patriots like Kendrick Bourne, Matthew Judon and Matthew Slater hopped in the Delorean and emerged wearing the famous Patriots throwback uniforms. Their helmets weren’t forgotten, either: the “Flying Elvis” logo reverted back to their former “Pat Patriot” logo.

Patriots head back to the future in thrilling throwback uniform reveal

The uniform reveal wasn’t just a rebrand of the jerseys: it allowed the Patriots to show the personalities of some of their fan-favorite players — faces who are representing the franchise in a new era.

A rebrand must include the longest-tenured active Patriot, unrivaled gunner Matthew Slater. The 36-year-old Slater was actually born the same year that “Back To The Future” premiered in theaters. Back in the 1980s, a young Matthew used to watch his father, Jackie Slater, play football for the Los Angeles Rams.

In the throwback spirit, perhaps Slater will consider getting another pair of those glasses while the concessions at Gillette Stadium honor him with a hot dog recipe this season, but for now, the uniforms are more than enough.

The effervescent Kendrick Bourne, who has been pegged as a buoyant team representative since his 2021 arrival, showed off his acting skills as he blasted through time in the Delorean. Matthew Judon, another 2021 arrival from Bill Belichick’s historic free agent class, now matches his trademark red sleeves perfectly in the new uniform.

As lighthearted as the uniform reveal is, it also sends a powerful message about the Patriots: this is a young team with many new faces, but there’s still a strong connection to New England’s long, storied history.

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