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Joe Burrow makes his thoughts on Roe v Wade decision abundantly clear

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow shared his thoughts on the overturning of Roe v. Wade via Instagram as he advocated for abortion rights. 

When Roe v. Wade was overturned, the political sphere erupted in debate over the controversial decision. Americans considered what their lives might look like without abortion as a federally-protected right, including incidents of rape, placental abruption, and other complications during pregnancy.

Many professional athletes, from LeBron James to Megan Rapinoe, expressed their frustration and fear with the new Supreme Court decision. On Monday, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow joined the chorus of voices, making his thoughts clear on the Dobbs decision.

“I’m not pro murdering babies,” Joe’s Instagram story read, which was originally shared from Jenna Caine Parris.

The post lists several examples in which young women were faced with impossibly difficult choices — choices that many states, like Ohio, are already removing from their grasp.

Per Victoria Morwood of USA Today:

“A federal court judge lifted the injunction on Ohio’s abortion ban, which criminalizes abortions after fetal cardiac activity is detected, about six weeks into a pregnancy. The law has an exception to save the life of a patient, but makes no exceptions for rape or incest.”

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow speaks out against Roe v. Wade decision

Burrow’s post describes several situations, such as placental abruption and a fetus developing without life-sustaining organs. These situations may all occur six weeks at a pregnancy, which puts millions of expecting mothers now at risk if there are complications during pregnancy.

Poland has instituted some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe in recent years, and as a result, a young mother in her first trimester died because doctors refused to perform life-saving procedures. Agnieszka T was pregnant with twins, but on Dec. 23, one of her twins died in the womb. The doctors waited until the heartbeat of the second fetus stopped, then waited an additional two days before removing both twins from the womb on Dec. 31.

Agnieszka, who was in good health when she entered the hospital, quickly deteriorated and died on Jan. 25, which her family members believes is a result of septic shock from carrying the deceased twins for a total of 9 days.

Burrow’s post highlights some of the complicated, tragic situations in which abortions may be considered.

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