Saints rookie kicked out of practice because he can’t stop fighting teammates

Saints rookie tackle Trevor Penning is making his presence known at training camp. He was kicked out of practice for fighting three days in a row.

With the 19th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints selected Trevor Penning, offensive tackle from Northern Iowa.

While his 6-foot-7, 325-pound frame easily fills the shoes of an NFL tackle, it was his attitude that shied some teams away from selecting him. The ferocity that he played with in college has rapidly translated to the next level

He was just kicked out of practice for fighting — for the third straight day!

On one hand, a quarterback has to feel confident lining up with his blindside protected by someone that wants to maul everybody who lines up across from him. On the other, if Penning can’t shut that mentality off, he won’t be making many friends in the locker room during training camp.

Trevor Penning can’t stop causing fights at Saints practice

As previously stated, Penning’s attitude was viewed by many ahead of the draft as a drawback to selecting him. In his defense, however, playing at Northern Iowa — a smaller school, facing lesser competition — forced him into developing a play style that would stand out.

He has always been lauded for his finishing ability and was frequently referred to as the “nastiest” tackle in the 2022 class. That is all thanks to the monster that he has created between his ears, which, in turn, is creating a mess at Saints camp.

Another bit of slack to cut for the rookie is that practice tends to get chippier across the league, every year, at this point in the offseason. Teammates have been hitting each other, day after day, for weeks now, and everybody is looking forward to the time when a different color jersey lines up across from them.

We will see in the coming weeks whether or not Trevor Penning’s bullish mentality will translate into a starting role with the Saints or not. In the meantime, his troublesome antics are keeping the pot stirred for Saints fans anxiously awaiting the start of the season.

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