Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles star hypes up Jordan Love as the next Aaron Rodgers

Philadelphia Eagles star Darius Slay shared his support for Packers quarterback Jordan Love, stating that he “looked a lot like A-Rod.”

The Green Bay Packers have struggled lately since Aaron Rodgers has been playing through an injury since Week 5, and competitors are beginning to notice the potential that Jordan Love is bringing to the table as a backup.

The Philadelphia Eagles faced the Packers in Week 12 and unsurprisingly pulled another win, but Eagles star Darius Slay particularly noted how well Love did when he stepped in, saying he looked a lot like Rodgers out on the field.

Love hasn’t had the opportunity to prove himself quite yet as Rodgers has been a reliable veteran on the team, but his time could be coming soon as the organization is reportedly planning on Rodgers retiring after this season.

Anything could happen and Rodgers could stay around longer as it’s not confirmed what his plans are for next season, but Love’s performance on Sunday proves the Packers don’t have too much to worry about if Rodgers does leave.

Jordan Love could be a solid replacement for Aaron Rodgers

As Slay discussed, Love had a great performance on Sunday. The Packers lost 40-33 against the Eagles, but considering how dominant Philadelphia is this season, that’s not a horrible outcome.

Love had six completions over 113 yards, a completion percentage of 66.7, an average of 12.6 yards per pass and a touchdown. Considering he’s never been a regular starter and has only played in three games this season, he’s certainly on the right track.

With more time and development, Love could become a powerhouse. Unfortunately, this season would’ve been the perfect opportunity for him to grow, but since Rodgers is continuing to play through injury, he’s not getting the chance quite yet.

As Rodgers continues to push through his pain, things continue to go downhill for the Packers. Love may not be the best quarterback in the league, but he certainly has the potential to help the team have more success.

It’s too early to say whether or not he’ll be the next Rodgers, but it is safe to say that he’s looked good while filling in.

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