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Justin Jefferson roasts Mike Gesicki and Kirk Cousins for NFL’s Worst Griddy

Justin Jefferson, the unofficial Godfather of The Griddy, concludes that Mike Gesicki has the worst Griddy in the NFL — even worse than Kirk Cousins. 

Every player in the National Football League represents a fraction of a percentage of people who dream of playing the game, and only a few hundred continue to make rosters year in and year out.

Only a few dominate the league at their position, and there’s just a handful who are making a case for Hall of Fame contention with their record-breaking resumes.

Among them are Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase, former LSU teammates who have gone on to each break the all-time rookie receiving record, one after the other.

While Chase hasn’t been having a record-setting season, Jefferson hasn’t slowed down in terms of pursuing his 2022 goal: ranking first among NFL receivers in single-season receiving yards. Now, Jefferson is neck and neck with Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill, but there is something that Jefferson is the unequivocal king of, and that’s The Griddy.

Jefferson is the one credited for bringing the LSU locker room dance to the NFL stratosphere, and with great power comes great responsibility. Now that everyone has seen the dance and tried their hand at it, it’s clear that some Griddys are better than others, and Jefferson is the foremost authority on that.

While it’s fair to give Jefferson the title of the NFL’s Best Griddy — he introduced it, after all — the title for NFL’s Worst Griddy is still up for grabs. It seems that at some point, Jefferson bestowed this title onto his teammate, Kirk Cousins, and there’s no debate there. But new entries for NFL’s Worst Griddy keep popping up, and now, Jefferson’s officially given the title to someone else: Mike Gesicki.

“Mike Gesicki’s definitely probably the worst one… To be worse than Kirk Cousins, you gotta be really bad,” Jefferson said via ESPN’s Tim Keown.

Justin Jefferson officially crowns Mike Gesicki with NFL’s Worst Griddy, dethroning Kirk Cousins

In Week 6, the Vikings and Dolphins faced one another, and Gesicki landed a touchdown in the eventual loss for Miami.

The Dolphins tight end took the opportunity to trot out his newly-reformed Griddy, one that he apparently practiced in the mirror at home. Even though Gesicki prepared for his big moment on camera, Twitter did not approve of his so-called “improvements.”

What’s worse was seeing Gesicki’s imperfect Griddy against the Vikings, which must have been all kinds of insulting to Jefferson and his teammates. The good news is that Gesicki’s Griddy does make Kirk Cousins’ failure look mild by comparison. Plus, Cousins has graduated since then by going for his own iced-out vibe that others in the league have tried to emulate, including Adam Schefter.

The main takeaway is that the NFL should leave cool moves to the Vikings in 2022, as the red-hot 9-2 team can do no wrong. Jefferson backs up his confident persona with consistently dazzling seasons, reaffirming the team’s decision to invest in the young wideout.

In his ESPN feature, Keown describes Jefferson as a “mixture of elegance and giggles,” a fitting description for a Vikings wideout who is busy making his mark on NFL history. As hard as Jefferson works on his craft, he plays just as hard when bringing the Griddy to the endzone — and roasting those who do it all wrong.

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