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Aaron Rodgers booked for the most hilariously predictable speaking gig in NFL history

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be a guest speaker at a “Psychedelic Science” conference this summer. It’s news that sounds so fake but is oh, so real.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not everybody’s cup of shroom-infused tea. He’s been hounded in the spotlight before for his controversial comments on vaccines, the woke mob, and mainstream media. He’s been connected to ayahuasca use and went on a darkness retreat earlier this year to weigh his future. If his personal life was made into a movie, it would probably take the form of a National Treasure spin-off in which Nicholas Cage tries to solve all the cryptic clues that Rodgers (the villain and conspiracy theorist leader, of course) leaves behind in one big trippy, labyrinthine quest for world domination.

So what’s the harm of one more story about the man, the myth, the legend, Aaron Rodgers?

In recent news, Rodgers has reportedly accepted a gig to be a guest speaker at a “Psychedelic Science” conference in Denver. He will be joined by quite the eclectic assortment of minds from a rapper to a former Republican Governor.

Since the conference takes place in Denver, we’re surprised Russell Wilson isn’t attending, what with his unlimited supply of wolverine blood. Maybe that’s for another time.

Aaron Rodgers will speak at ‘Psychedelic Science’ conference

Months ago, Colorado joined Oregon as the only two states to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, and now the state will host what is billed as the largest psychedelic conference in history.

Rodgers is scheduled to talk about his own ayahuasca experience and how it has affected his mind and his game. He’ll be surrounded by like-minded folk like Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith, who will also share his positive experiences with psychedelics. Also in attendance is former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is an outspoken advocate of psychedelics’ benefits for veterans experiencing PTSD.

It should be noted that under the NFL’s drug policy, ayahuasca is not prohibited. Rodgers himself has refused to call it a drug: “It has properties in it that have hallucinogenic abilities. But it’s not a drug. We’re talking about plants here.”

Drug or no drug, Rodgers is using his fame and status to spread his story of self-growth and his mental health journey as told through psychedelics. Buckle up, folks, it’s going to be a doozy of a conference.

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