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NFL Rumors: Dalvin Cook drops social media hint on free agency destination

Former Pro Bowl running back and current free agent Dalvin Cook may have provided a clue as to where he would like to play football next. HINT: It’s very green.

When the Minnesota Vikings opted to release former Pro Bowl running back Dalvin Cook, where the former Florida State Seminole would land became a mystery.

Now, there might be some insight into where Cook might land, thanks to the ever-so-silent site known as Twitter.

Cook’s recent Twitter likes might be telling of what’s to come.

New York. For the Jets? Seems like it.

After all, it almost feels like the team is trying to build a fantasy roster for the ages. Moreover, on the Adam Schefter podcast, Cook said he would also like to team up with wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins, Cook, Aaron Rodgers, and Garrett Wilson in New York? Talk about a paper lineup filled with flavor.

NFL Rumors: Dalvin Cook likes tweet suggesting he could sign with Jets

As much sizzle as the New York Jets currently have, where is the substance? The offensive line is still an issue. This does not compare to Tom Brady joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay invested in the trenches on the offensive side of the ball and the weaponry.

At the same time, Tampa’s defense was recognized as an elite-like defense that was losing steam due to the number of plays they had to play on the field. New York’s core is not like that, so this scenario is different even though some of the scenes are eerily familiar, notably with Rodgers.

Dalvin Cook would be an excellent addition to the Jets and their running game, but there is more work to be done, and not only that, the division is not exactly a cakewalk with Buffalo, Miami, and even New England. The tea leaves are fun to sort, but in this case, even in New York, comprehension might be difficult.

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